Modiko® Company assumes a strong set of commitments

Commitment with client

To ease and protect each one of these steps, Modiko® Company facilitates and guaranties each step of the construction of your MODIKO home, giving global solutions adapted to your wishes, needs and limitations of our customers.

Commitment with environment

The component fabrication of the constructive Modiko® system and the construction of your dream house occur in a factory environment and another part in the exterior, on the land you chose to build in. In the compliance of these tasks, we concern about using equipment, productive and constructive processes that minimize the damaging effects on the environment.

Commitment in building a “passive house”

Modiko® assume that one of their major concerns to build habitations with high energetic efficiency with the resource to passive energy solutions.

The Modiko® fabrication and construction resorts to innovating construction techniques to obtain excellent results in acoustic and thermal isolation.

The usage of renewable energy equipment as well as passive energy solutions, like photovoltaic energy, are incorporated in Modiko® system.