One of the most significant characteristics of modular system Modiko® is that it allows you to increase the size to respond to new needs, like a birth of a child, a garage or a new office.

Building in Modiko® system it makes it easy to modify or rehabilitate in the future:

  • For bigger comfort, in isolation, heating or venting
  • Replacing frames, windows and outside doors
  • Replacing carpentry, pavements, baseboards and inner doors
  • Facade maintenance, cover and dividing walls
  • Applying renewable energies, such as solar panels and heat pump.


Rehabilitation of old houses

montagem-moradia_certificaçãoThe improvement of existing houses, in any state of conservation, using Modiko® materials is an option to consider before thinking in demolish the old construction.

The usage of new materials enables the recovery of old habitation places, allowing too create new areas and increase the thermal and acoustic conditions of a new building.

Our specialist intervention in the project and in construction techniques, offer you a global sight, adapt the best solutions to each situation and allow you to gain substantial improvements in energetic and acoustic in your old house.

The Modiko® re-qualification work sees the building expansion, the inner spaces reorganization, the equipment renewal, outside architecture qualification and involving spaces organization.