Modiko® Passive House

The Modiko® Passive House is an innovative project which represents a significant evolution in the modular construction system and improved levels of comfort and energy performance of Modiko® models.

Modiko® Passive House Project aims to produce a major overhaul of the Modiko concept, so it has a high energy performance advance fulfilling regulatory requirements in terms of energy efficiency of buildings – “Energy Performance Building Directive 210/31/EU”(EPBD). Thus it is intended that buildings produce are of very low energy, being almost independent of fluctuations in energy prices, that perspective will increase in coming years.
So Modiko fulfill a pioneer in the principles of sustainability in relation to the environment (very low emission of greenhouse gases), the economy (low power consumption that translates into lower operating costs) and Social (your users will not be affected by fluctuating energy prices getting more liquidity to meet its needs).

The major goal of the project is Modiko® Passive House concept development / product Modiko® in the sense that it passes to respond positively to the requirements defined by the “Passivhaus Standard” (the standard, internationally recognized as the most demanding in terms of energy performance of buildings) and therefore also comply with the requirements that are issued by the EPBD and national regulation associated – the energy consumption required by the Passivhaus Standard is about 80% lower compared to a house under the regulatory RCCTE (DL 80 / 2006 April 4) currently in force in Portugal.

With Modiko® Passive House project aims to achieve an energy performance defined in the light of the more demanding standard that is known for this specific area, while at the end of the project display measured values in a real context, taking advantage of the experimental facility which will be monitored, after construction and during its effective and daily occupancy by one family.

Noted that this is a pioneering project because there are no building modular homes in light steel observing this standard, very naturally in the light of scientific uncertainty and technological challenge that this represents.