The company implements its Modiko® building system through partnerships.

Constructive Modiko® system uses fast and efficient construction techniques that allow you to commercialize or build more houses and more efficiently manage your business.



Construction Companies;
Architects and Architecture Offices;


You seek to develop your business the most effective way and project or build more houses, without compromising neither the quality nor the levels of profitability. Modiko helps you to grow using our patented system.
There are a lot of benefits for Modiko® building system.

Fast and Effective building
The most obvious advantages of working with Modiko® is that you win more money in each construction.

Growth of your business
Working with Modiko you use the synergies of a Large Group duly implemented at international level, taking benefit of its know-how and its permanent support.

Waste reduction
With Modiko ®system, you avoid waste in construction. All Modiko® components (structure and walls) are made in factory environment and are assembled at site avoiding waste and getting a cleaner and organized working place.

We scale up your business so it can grow and make the relationship with the costumer more effective.

Construction time reduction
Modular system – faster construction.

Less time of construction work
Eliminate bricks, blocks or masonry construction segments that are demanding and delay the work. Also reduce work related accidents – construction in a more controlled environment.

Project execution support
With our project department you have the necessary support so it becomes easy for you.

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