To help you in each step of your project, since conception to conclusion of your dream house, Modiko® company offers a full set of services in each of the following phases:

Terrain and regulations

If you have the ideal terrain to build your house, we can fulfill your dream.
We help you verify the viability of the construction at the City Hall, making every administrative procedure to obtain the legal needed licenses.

Model development

With the help of our specialists, you can develop the house that suits you more.
We guaranty that your dream house will be according your wishes and fill the regulated restrictions required in your municipality.

Motivated by innovation, we offer the best solution to each costumer

The Modiko® support work goes beyond the first contact with the client.
A research, development and innovation specialist crew develops an intense work to present more innovating and adapted technical solutions to the needs and wishes of every costumer.

All elements in Modiko® houses are designed, developed and made having for main purpose the creation of more conformable houses, energetically efficient and environment friendly.

We work with each client to adjust the ideal of his dream house to his needs wishes and decisions, since the project to key-in-hand.

The financing plan

We can help you obtain the financial plan of your project, putting you in contact with our bank partners, preparing the financing process until its approval.

We can help you prepare the financing process and place you in the right bank partner that offers better conditions.

We help our clients to obtain the financing for the project, putting you in contact with our bank partners, looking for the one that offers better conditions and preparing the financing process until its approval.

What do you need for the financing process?

  • Identification card and Tax identification number (TIN)
  • Registration in the Land Registry Office and Fiscal property that proves the ownership of the terrain
  • Last year tax declaration of the buyers
  • Salary receipts from the last three months
  • Bank account extract with movements from the last three months
  • If a guarantor is needed, the same documents must be presented from their part.


We develop base “models” that we can personalize according to your desires and needs.

We are specialists in modular system house building construction, and, with your collaboration, we will show you the requirements definition that better suit your wishes and habitation needs.

After project validation, we prepare the administrative process to obtain the city hall license.

The Modiko® system construction allows a great creative freedom in the project, being able to get final results that are diversified and satisfying to any wish or habitation need.

With the help of Modiko® specialists you can choose one of the available models or choose to personalize that same models, transforming them into you dream house.

If you have already pictured your dream house, we develop, for you, a new exclusive project build with Modiko® system. In the case you already have a final project and wish to build it in Modiko® system, we are also ready to adapt it.

With our experience, we build your dream house!


With the project of your house well defined, we help you select the modality that suits you more.

We propose three modalities: closed house, ready house and key-in-hand house. The MODIKO specialists will explain better the advantages to you of each modality, and will help you find the better solution to the conclusion of your dream house project.

The offer of a standard set of models allows the selection of a predefined project fast and with more economic advantages.

However, the models can be adjusted to the owner own needs. It can, also, be developed a solution to answer any need and specific wish of the owner.
When the client has already developed his ideal project, we adapt it, easily, so it can be built in Modiko® system.

There are three available ways to finalize your dream house deal, being able to choose the best situation for you:

Closed House Ready House Key-in-Hand
License process
Technical monitoring of the work •*
Modiko® steel structure
Finished outside walls
Inner Walls
Inner Paint
Branch liaison
Outside arrangements
Closed house – All construction until the point where the house is closed, including frames, and cover included
From this point the construction can be managed by the buyer, always with a technician company that will visit the site until its concluded (in a number of times accorded) so he can fill all necessary documents to have the habitation license.

Ready House – The house is delivered completely ready, only remaining the emplacement of the kitchen and its equipment, outside arrangements and network connections.

Key-in-hand – It’s the most complete offer, where all work is complete.

The client can choose a lesser complete option and then negotiate other stages, according to needs.

Build and Delivery

After the construction permit issued, your Modiko® consultant helps you select the best and with license to build your dream house

The constructor is now your main contact in each construction step of you house. The Modiko® consultant will be present during all the process and will be there when the constructor gives you the key.